Another Reason Costco Rocks: Double-Seat Shopping Carts

Costco's double-seater shopping carts are great when you have two toddlers.

While I am uneasy about Costco’s recent expansion into casket sales, the discount retailer still rocks. Why? Double-seat shopping carts. The deployment of this simple innovation empowers me to do the weekly grocery and household supply run with both kids, on my own. That’s a big deal because it’s an activity the three of us enjoy together (including the food samples), and it allows mommy to have a few hours alone each weekend.

The only modification I suggest is a hand guard to protect little fingers from getting squashed when other carts collide into ours. With double-seat shopping carts, each child sits closer to one side, and they love to dangle their hands over the side. This makes me paranoid, especially with Costco’s high concentration of absent-minded weekend shoppers. They have no skills in maneuvering carts and a huge tendency for gridlock and collision.

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  1. Why the unease over casket sales? While I appreciate the service and care provided by good funeral directors at a difficult time (and, it can be a huge knotty task dealing with the various interests and emotions of family members), some of the costs are outrageous, especially caskets and the vaults required by cemeteries, state laws. Some funeral directors will guide people to make reasonable choices. Others will push vulnerable people to buy “the best for your loved one.” Remember “Six Feet Under” and the display they invested in?

    So, I welcome the Costco choice. It injects some reason into the death business.

    Personally, I'd like to be buried in a papier mache casket in a natural cemetery where it really is a matter of “dust to dust, ashes to ashes.”

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