The year 2014 brought one of the worst Northeast winters in decades. There was a persistent cycle of snow storms, thaws and bitter freezes, resulting in layers of ice. Temperatures in the fahrenheit single digits were too common.

That winter just played another cruel joke on us.

My son and I prepped our garden patch last weekend, as the temperature exceeded 70 degrees. We are proud of our 10’x25′ pile of dirt and manure, as it will foster many vegetables and herbs from late spring through late fall.

During one of our myriad supply trips to Home Depot, we remarked how many people were stocking up early on seedlings and potted annuals to get their gardens started. It was a bustling scene, with potted plants filled as high on the outdoor shelves as you’d see on any late spring day — and just as many weekend warriors loading them into their orange shopping carts. It’s as if these poor fools were doing anything to escape the winter doldrums and rid themselves of cabin fever. I remarked to my son how risky it is to plant seedlings this early after such a ferocious winter.

Sure enough, this week brought more snow and freezing rain.


Garden Bed Prepped - April 10, 2014


Garden Bed Prepped, With Snow - April 10, 2014

I’m not into winter gardening.

When will this winter ever end?

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