What Truly Stands Out About My Mac (Versus All The WindowBased PCs I’ve Owned)

Both Macs and Microsoft Windows-based computers have their pluses and minuses. I started on a Mac as a kid and remained loyal to the brand through college graduation. Then — upon entrance into the corporate world — Windows-based PCs were thrust upon me. But at my new company, nearly the entire management team works on Mac, and so I reverted back to Mac. That was a good decision.

I like Mac much better for a host of reasons, including its more elegant experience, better performance, less susceptibility to viruses and simplified work flow. But today, I realized one attribute that truly makes my Mac stand out versus all the Windows-based PCs I’ve owned over the past eleven years: it rarely crashes, and it goes to sleep and wakes up easily. That’s significant because I can pull my computer in and out of my backpack without enduring a lengthy startup every single time I want to pack in a few minutes of work on the go.  I can pull my MacBook Pro out on a whim, and it usually will be in full waking mode in a matter of seconds. That was always a problem for me with Windows-based PCs.

(Photo credit: Eric is Jumping Around)

Published by Max Kalehoff

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