My Most Vivid Memories of Ted Kennedy


U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away. The event sparked vivid memories of my teenage years. Immediately after graduating from high school I spent several months living on the beach at Gannon & Benjamin shipyard in Vineyard Haven, a town on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I was overseeing the restoration of the wooden 52′ S&S yawl I lived on for nearly the first decade of my life. There’s one thing about Vineyard Haven that can’t be easily contradicted: the passenger ferries come in and out, ruthlessly, with little patience or care for the many pleasure craft that crowd the harbor….EXCEPT for Mya, Ted Kennedy’s schooner. While the ferries would practically run over everyone else, they always would drop their frantic schedules to give way to Mya upon her period arrivals from Hyannis Port. Ted was the king of the harbor. Don’t mess with Ted.

(The above photo was taken from this video.)

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Published by Max Kalehoff

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