The Giant Rubber Duck (Video)

After sitting in storage for five years, my old man and I finally launched my 14′ Achilles inflatable runabout — which looks similar to a giant rubber duck.

We purchased it (nearly new) when I was in junior high school. I used it heavily every year, from spring until late fall. The boat has enabled countless fishing trips, pleasure cruises and explorations in the waters around Western Long Island Sound — mainly with my good childhood friend Craig Rofhok, and a few girls.

The five-year boating hiatus came when Laura and I  began having babies, and I got involved with my Web startup. (I can’t think of any other two endeavors that are as effective at keeping someone off the water.)

But now we’re back in business, and I’m happy to report the engine started on first attempt. The water pump impeller (which circulates sea water in order to cool the engine) went bad, so our mechanic replaced it and it’s now running perfectly.

For the first trip of the season, I took my daughter Celeste for a ride around New Rochelle Harbor, including a circumnavigation of Davids’ Island.

The boat, with the engine, weighs about 300 pounds, so its 25 horsepower Evinrude outboard produces sufficient power to water ski or plane with six people.

With only an adult and young child, it goes fast, especially in calm water. Check us out in this video:

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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