Fun, Disturbing Pictures Of Father And Son

Please vote below for your favorite photo-booth portrait of Julian and me! (And those are not Julian’s real teeth; that’s his Billy Bob pacifier. He’s two, ok?)

Max & Julian Normal
1. Normal
Max &  Julian Stretched
2. Stretched

Max &  Julian Trippy
3. Trippy
Max &  Julian Face Implosion
4. Implosion

Max &  Julian Ear Biting
5. Ear-Biting
Max &  Julian Ear Sucking
6. Ear-Sucking

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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  1. Hey there max, Happy holidays!!! I can't decide but definitely one of the ear shots. Now that I think about it the ear sucking looks more natural I'll go with that 🙂 hope you and your family are doing well!.

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