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Costco Gun Policy

Costo No GunsI love Costco. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday morning alone or with your loved ones. :-)

On Christmas day 2012, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I was wondering about Costco’s policy on fire arms and other weapons.

What if one of my favorite places and retail institutions supported easy access to guns and ammunition? I would have to rethink my Costco passion.

My local Costco in Westchester County certainly doesn’t sell firearms or other weapons, but what about other locations, further from New York City?

I could not find Costco’s gun policy published anywhere on the company’s website. I couldn’t find any guns for sale on the Costco website, either.

So I emailed my question to Bev Akada in Costco’s corporate communications office.

Her assistant replied:

Hi Max,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Costco’s policy prohibits weapons within our buildings.

All the best,

PJ (Peggy-Jo) Faria

My loyalty to Costco has increased.