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Costo No GunsI love Costco. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday morning alone or with your loved ones. 🙂

On Christmas day 2012, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I was wondering about Costco’s policy on fire arms and other weapons.

What if one of my favorite places and retail institutions supported easy access to guns and ammunition? I would have to rethink my Costco passion.

My local Costco in Westchester County certainly doesn’t sell firearms or other weapons, but what about other locations, further from New York City?

I could not find Costco’s gun policy published anywhere on the company’s website. I couldn’t find any guns for sale on the Costco website, either.

So I emailed my question to Bev Akada in Costco’s corporate communications office.

Her assistant replied:

Hi Max,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Costco’s policy prohibits weapons within our buildings.

All the best,

PJ (Peggy-Jo) Faria

My loyalty to Costco has increased.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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  1. REALLY? Now Explain to me exactly HOW this Policy is GOOD? It PROHIBITS people like myself with a CCW/CWP permit from carrying in the store.. but .. A CRIMINAL is going to carry one inside No matter WHAT little sign they have outside. What happens when that criminal or “insane” person pulls out that gun of his – after IGNORING the sign and starts Shooting people?

    Do NOT say it can’t happen.. this kind of insanity happens ALL THE TIME to people who say it CAN’T happen to the. Now all you’ve done is put a bunch of SHEEP in a big building and NOT allowed someone who has LEGALLY demonstrated they can handle a gun and KNOW the laws of their state in regards to the use of deadly force.

    1. I forgot to add the ENDING…

      The ONLY thing you have done is made yourself “Feel Good” by putting up a meaningless sign”.. when in reality all you have done is made yourselves MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to this kind of danger. MORONS.

      1. I’m sorry that you can’t bring your binkie EVERYWHERE, but as you get older, letting go of toys and binkies is a step toward adulthood.

    2. The policy is great for ownership and stockholders alike. As the boss said, we can sleep better knowing we dont sell guns. As to the store-wide policy against carrying weapons, if the policy keeps people like you from going to Costco, it is a great policy. As if guys you are going to obey the sign, anyway. The simple fact remains you are far more likely to be killed living in a house where a weapon is present than you are in a Costco.

      1. Much like having a swimming pool dramatically increases your chances of drowning in your backyard?

        Stats are are meaningless unless putting them in the correct context.

  2. You are the worst kind of moron — one with an arrogant little smugness that makes me sincerely hope that you are mugged at knife point some day, maybe even beaten into unconsciousness by some criminal thugs. Then you will suddenly understand that guns DO have a place in society, in stopping people who are bent on senseless assault and murder. It’s the ONLY way to stop them, before they kill you or put you in a disability ward. And by the way, A**HOLE, it makes little difference what Costco’s stupid policy is. I carry my Glock in there every time I go, just like I carry it everywhere else. I have a license and it’s lawful. As for their policy, well they can ban me from shopping there if I ever have to defend my life on their property. I’d rather live to be banned than be dead because I complied with their idiotic weapons free policy.

  3. Interesting… Not carrying ammo or weapons may decrease the legal liability of Costco in some states, I don’t know, but in general the law protects gun sellers from liability from the the actions of the gun buyer if they are sold legally. So, by not selling ammo they are missing out on any profits, however they are arguably lowering their exposure to risk and gaining goodwill of folks like you (and maybe bad will of those that do not agree).

    HOWEVER, by not allowing people to carry (that are legally allowed to) at least in the state of Georgia, they are opening a can worms. If someone is injured or killed, as a result of say, a criminal attacking them on Costco’s property, they or their families could sue Costco claiming that their no weapons policy opened them up to injury or death. If they can prove that the injured party (or someone else) could have prevented the situation had they been allowed to use their firearm in self defense, then Costco could easily find itself on the loosing end of an expensive lawsuit.

    I imagine Costco policy is informed by the incident on a Nevada Costco several years ago.

    1. Why would anyone need a gun inside Costco? I guess on the off chance their is a hostike take over of the warehouse. Might as well bring your AK to church just in case the Pastor goes David Koresh and starts raping and kiloing his flock.

      1. That may be true, but you missed my entire point, which is, there is potential legal downsides to their policy depending on the state.

      2. Why would you carry your cell phone inside Costco? Because you might have to call 911 maybe? A gun is not different than a cell phone. It is a simple tool.
        Let’s also not forget our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS in this country…Your username, “Voiceofreason” apparently forgets that Anti-Gun laws are only obeyed by law abiding citizens not by criminals. Put in place all the background checks you want to. Criminals NEVER subject themselves to them. You think laws stop crime? Newtown has laws, the laws do not stop things from happening…the laws only prevent GOOD people from being in a position to do something.

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