Protecting Yourself From Snoops On Halloween — Online and Offline

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This Halloween was almost nonexistent in our New York City suburb, as the entire region was recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, the mayor officially cancelled trick-or-treating due to all the downed trees, loose power lines and dark streets and sidewalks.… Read the rest

Hurricane Sandy Hits Pelham Manor, New York

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in Pelham - Kids On Downed TreeIt’s a day after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, including our New York City suburb of Pelham Manor.

My biggest fear was the tidal surge and coastal flooding, less so extreme wind. In addition to the flooding of waterfront homes, I was concerned about the insufficient height of the pilings that hold the docks and harbor together in Pelham and neighboring New Rochelle.… Read the rest

Tracking Great White Sharks

Mary Lee Great White SharkWho said mobile check-ins were just for humans?

They also work well for sharks, including great white sharks.

Great white sharks?

Yes. As a lifelong offshore sailor, I have a fascination and paranoia of the ocean’s ultimate apex predator.

Which is partly why I’m so amazed by the work of OCEARCH, a nonprofit organization that conducts “unprecedented research” on the ocean’s giants.… Read the rest