YouTube Me-Too

I’m excited to be moderating a panel at the OMMA online advertising conference on one of my favorite topics: consumer-generated video. Are there any key questions you think I should pry out of these folks?

YouTube Me-Too: Building Buzz Through Video

If you upload it, will they watch? More often than not, they won’t. And sometimes when they do, it’s not for the reasons you intended. As viral video grows in popularity, it brings with it as many challenges as it does opportunities. What elements of a video give it pass-along appeal? What tactics can successfully jumpstart a video and give it its initial viewership? How should brands respond to parodies and other consumer generated jibes?


  • Tom Ajello, Executive Creative Director,
  • Cynthia Francis, Founder & CEO, Reality Digital
  • Fritz Grobe, Co-Founder,
  • Steven Starr, CEO, Revver
  • Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus
  • Moderator: Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing, Nielsen BuzzMetrics

Try to stop by this discussion, if you’ll be at OMMA. The members on my panel have all been involved in some groundbreaking work around consumer-generated video. It takes place on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 11AM.

Here’s Eepybird’s famous Diet Coke and Mentos video, featured on Revver.

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