Web 2.0, Red Meat And Caring

David Kidder and I are leading a panel discussion with distinguished advertising executives at Web 2.0 Expo in a few weeks. It’s a topic I care a great deal about:

Man Versus Machine: The New Conundrum of Web 2.0 Advertising Automation. When computers first arrived at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in the 1950s, scientists immediately started programming them to play chess. Since then, one of the most prominent narratives in computing and artificial intelligence has been a machine capable of beating the world champion. Thanks to Web 2.0 technologies, a similar man-versus-machine debate is emerging in the advertising industry. It’s called advertising automation.

Anyway, I really appreciated the enthusiam of one of our panelists today, expressed in a private email: “All red meat for me! Look forward!” I wish more people would demostrate that sort of enthusiasm. It shows you really care. That’s a big deal considering how many conference speakers lack passion and presence.

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