Tivo Stealing Attention From TV Upfront Frenzy

While coverage of the TV upfront continues to entertain me, I find it interesting that TiVo has positioned itself in the circus, according to AdAge:

TiVo joined the upfront fray this week with a first-of-its-kind commitment from Interpublic Media. TiVo’s unprecedented deal with Interpublic Media’s Emerging Media Lab is meant to meant to give preferred pricing and insider access to TiVo ad products for Interpublic clients — which include Johnson & Johnson, an upfront holdout this year.

Not only is the upfront discussion being influenced by all things Interactive and digital, but the DVR service that fosters the world’s single most loyal fan base of power ad-skippers is claiming the spotlight in the antiquated dog-and-pony show. That’s amazing.

As a consumer, I like TiVo because I can skip the ads I don’t like – that’s a no-brainer. But, TiVo also offers me the opportunity to view special product information and branded content for which I’m interested and sometimes grant my attention, on MY terms, when I want.

On a conscious level, I believe I’m less likely to reject less-intrusive, interruptive advertising (I caveat conscious because so much advertising and influence works on a subconscious and emotional level, which we’re not even aware of). Let me decide relevance and then let the marketer in on my valuable attention and time, if I so desire.

Such a model is good for me, the consumer, and more efficient for the marketer. It’s also good for the programmers and branded pipelines (the networks), because the practice will foster a better relationship with me, the consumer. Of course, the networks would like to continue declaring me a part of their community so they can continue monetizing my attention. But the networks’ disrespect of my attention has given TiVo my permission to become an intermediary of my attention.

We’re at a very interesting point in media and marketing.


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