The Verdict On Madison Avenue

U.S Court of Consumer Appeal — Case #9875245: "The People Versus Madison Avenue" 


The People accuse the institution of Madison Avenue with breaking the law. Here, in the Court of Consumer Appeal, the People charge the old ad-agency legacy with:

1. Self-Centeredness

2. Irrelevancy

The People present the following evidence:

  • Exhibit A: Bob Greenberg, Chairman-CEO of ad agency R/GA, concedes that “Consumers have never liked ads as much as agencies like making them.”
  • Exhibit B: One of Hollywood’s top five talent agencies has created an online unit devoted to scouting out up-and-coming creators of Internet content.
  • Exhibit C: Coke finally embraces the brilliant grassroots, performing arts and recently-turned professional Internet production company, (of Diet Coke & Mentos fame).

The Defendants present the following evidence:

  • None. Nearly all of it is self-incriminating.

The verdict:

The Court of Consumer Appeal finds the old bastions of Madison Avenue guilty of both Self-Centeredness and Irrelevancy. The Court grants all power of choice in media and marketing to the People.

Court dismissed. 

(Gavel photo credit: MohammedWassir)


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