Fiber Optic Internet: Yes Or No?

Verizon’s fiber-optic data services (and aggressive marketing) arrived in my neighborhood of Pelham, NY, and they are compelling. Not surprisingly, I have absolutely no loyalty to my current cable company and its overpriced bundle of services, so I’m considering switching.… Read the rest

Customer Service Now Resides Openly In The Court Of Public Opinion…Are You Listening?

AdAge editor Matthew Creamer wrote in this week’s edition:

The back-and-forth between companies and consumers, once contained in frustrated phone calls and letter-writing, is now being played out in public. The growth of consumer-generated media — not just YouTube videos but the millions and millions of bits of product feedback floating in the web ether — means that the little-used suggestion box nailed to the boss’ door (long a symbol of corporate inertia) has been digitized and turned inside-out for the world to see.

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Why Do Marketers Rate Themselves Highly While Customers Don’t?

Why are companies so out of sync with their customers? I tried to address it in my MediaPost column this week. I’ve included full text below, but please join the commentary at the MediaPost blog.

Why Do Marketers Rate Themselves Highly While Customers Don’t?Read the rest

An Apology from JetBlue’s David Neeleman

I was one of those unfortunate people who had to travel on Valentine’s Day last week, smack in the middle of the big Northeast Storm. After getting assigned to two Delta flights out of La Guardia airport, which eventually cancelled, I booked myself on a JetBlue flight out of JFK, which also cancelled.
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There’s No Love In The Air This Valentine’s Day, Only Freezing Rain, Grounded Airplanes and Discombobulated Customer Service

What a long day of non-travel, this icy Valentine’s Day in New York! By 2pm today, I’d been booked on three different flights from New York to Orlando, each of them cancelled nearly as fast as I could reserve a seat on the next one. This day has spanned two airports and nearly four hours of driving, including near-collisions with three tractor trailers and ten passenger cars.… Read the rest