Protecting Yourself From Snoops On Halloween — Online and Offline

Trend Micro Parent-Child Social Media Profile

This Halloween was almost nonexistent in our New York City suburb, as the entire region was recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, the mayor officially cancelled trick-or-treating due to all the downed trees, loose power lines and dark streets and sidewalks.

Our street was one of the few left with any power — and still is as of this writing, three days later. Because so few homes in our town have power, the schools have been opened up to residents for mobile-phone charging, and their computer labs have been opened up to enable PC Internet usage.

So it comes with a tiny bit of irony that the next project in Trend Micro’s Digital Joneses Study has arrived: a Halloween-themed online security knowledge test!  🙂 My family is participating in this year-long project, which brings together bloggers and their families to “examine issues affecting individual members of a modern, digitally-connected household.”

The latest project includes a test that probes your knowledge of zombies, ghosts and goblins — and Internet security threats.

To be honest, I never realized that so many Internet threats — including viruses and scams — shared so much terminology with Halloween and horror movies. Yet they do.

Also, did you know that only 32% of parents regularly visit their child’s social media profile? Now that’s scary!

Take the quiz.

Disclosure: The Digital Joneses Study occasionally includes provisioning of tech gadgets and related assets.


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