Please, No Web 3.0!

Veteran NYTimes Silicon Valley writer John Markoff, with a seemingly insatiable appetite to make something out of last week’s mega Web 2.0 confab, latched onto Web 3.0 in a story tied to artificial intelligence and natural-language processing (stuff my employer does). It does appear that Markoff contributed to Web 3.0’s new peak of consciousness, as indicated by BlogPulse’s reporting of mentions in the blogospere over the past six months (click image for larger chart). While I agree with and believe in much of the thinking around the fuzzily-defined Web 2.0 movement, I can’t help but wonder if all the hype will soon send the term on the fast track to cliché status. And I’m not sure Web 3.0 is a good alternative, especially considering most of the initiatives Markoff associates with it have been around for a very long time.


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