NBC Universal Is Studying Whether Shorter Ad Breaks Give TV Spots More Impact

Seriously. Does this really require a study? Via WSJ: 

April 5, 2006; Page B3

The number of ads crammed into television shows has been a longstanding complaint of both viewers and advertisers. Now NBC Universal is testing whether cutting the "clutter" improves the value of the ads that do run.

In a five-night test that began Monday, one program airing on the company’s USA cable channel will feature one commercial break that runs just one minute, considerably shorter than the others, which run about two to four minutes. Only two 30-second ads will air in the shorter break. Insurer Allstate and drugstore chain Walgreen are participating in the test.

I wish all television networks would conduct this study…and never end it! But I love my TiVo and would probably still use it. But in fairness, kudos to NBC for leading here.



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