My Adventures In MySpace…Chapter 8…It’s The Psychographics, Not Reach!

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You thought the "My Adventures in MySpace" series was over? Not yet. Here’s some rare, intelligent commentary about the true value of MySpace as a business asset — coming directly from a Fox/MySpace exec. Shankar Gupta from MediaPost quotes Ross Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive, MySpace’s holding unit:

"The digital gold inside of MySpace wasn’t the number of users, but the information they’re providing, structured and unstructured data," Levinsohn said–both demographic and psychographic data that Fox Interactive can use to suss out the brand preferences of young people on the Web.

Levinsohn said that the site isn’t intended to be like a portal, and that "it’s more about [users] presenting themselves to the world" by creatively expressing themselves through their MySpace profiles. "It’s important for us not to suppress that–not to push content," he said. 

Levinsohn must’ve been reading AttentionMax, for the spirit of his quite is eerily similar to my observations made in Chapter 1 of My Adventures in MySpace:

MySpace is an expression megaphone, as it provides users numerous ways to fulfill this funamental human drive: site music, backgrounds, emoticons, videos, relationship/friends ratings, etc.

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