Lose The Training Wheels

Time to lose the training wheels!

My dad (aka “Grandeddy”) recently gave Julian, my oldest child, his first bike with training wheels.

We’ve been riding every weekend for three months. Julian’s been building strength in pedaling.

Julian and I discussed his bicycling progress and agreed today was the day to remove the training wheels and learn how to ride. We went to Pelham’s Shore Park, which has a big grass field.

After about 45 minutes, 45 pushes, 45 falls, and 4,500 calories burnt between the two of us, Julian took off on his own.

Pardon the cliche, but taking the trainings wheels off was a big deal. Certainly, Julian was proud of himself, as you can tell from his smile at the end of the video below. You can just see his confidence rise.

Today was a big deal for me, too. While Julian had no fear, this simple rite of passage required me to overcome paranoia and let go, knowing your kid definitely will fall a few times, acquire some bruises and cuts, and perhaps break an arm.

Today reminded me of when I learned to ride a bike at age five. I disobeyed Grandeddy (then I called him Papa) and started off on the concrete, not the grass, because grass wasn’t conducive to riding. He reminds me often — in my thirties — that I never looked back.

All is good. Check out Julian’s first ride without me holding on.


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