I Had It “Just Right”

Marketing agency DiMassimoGoldstein issued a press release on its hire of veteran marketer, Stephanie Fierman, “to consult for the agency and its clients on the subject of digital brand self-defense.” My favorite line comes in the quote, in the second paragraph:

According to Fierman, “Max Kalehoff of Nielsen BuzzMetrics had it just right when he said that this is the age of ‘defensive branding.’ There’s so much a business can do to protect and defend its brand and reputation online, but most marketers still have no idea how to do this – either proactively, or reactively in a crisis. Well I’ve learned the hard way, and I’m looking forward to making it a lot easier for DiMassimoGoldstein’s clients.”

While I’m flattered for having that kind of impact on Fierman — and getting it “just right” — I have to give credit to my colleague Pete Blackshaw. He came up with the term defensive branding, but I will take credit for helping him build it out in some key areas and spreading the gospel.

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