I acquired some cool new tech gadgets in 2013. Most gadgets were iterative improvements — like my Macbook Air laptop and an HTC One smart phone.

The one tech purchase that really changed my life was the Fitbit One personal activity tracker, a wireless-enabled wristband that measures data such as steps walked, quality of sleep, calories burned and more.

Equally important was the Fitbit WiFi smart scale that measures my weight and body fat and instantly integrates those metrics to my Fitbit online dashboard. Also key was Fitbit’s food database and calorie log. All of these data sync with my smart phone app and have made me more conscious of my health and lifestyle.

The result? I gradually lost 20 pounds between the beginning of September and end of December. My round head has regained some definition and my waist size has shrunk from a 38 to 34. The easy access to personal data, along with beautiful graphics, was powerful in modifying my behavior.

These results are why I call Fitbit the best personal tech of 2013.

Additionally, the Fitbit is a great way to experience personal data tracking and optimization. It is a powerful concept and will advance much further in the years to come. (See my prior post when I first started using Fitbit.)

What is your favorite technology of 2013?

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.