Digg: Another Wave Of Media Disruption


Please join the discussion and comment here on my latest MediaPost OnlineSpin column, which deals with Digg, the community site where people vote on which news and other content make the front page. This is not a trivial community site, but a powerful, viral catalyst of online buzz. I say:

If I were an online publisher, or a PR person, I’d be spending a lot of time studying how this idea catalyst works and can be leveraged. Digg may not be in the top-10 rankings of all publisher sites, but it can act as a forceful fire hose of content to high-reaching mainstream channels. Similar to many influential blogs and online communities, Digg is becoming an intermediary to traditional information gatekeepers…

It could be argued the Digg network often operates like the U.S. government: it’s governed by and reflects topical extremists who sometimes have too much time on their hands. Extreme bloggers…

It’s like a highly observable watercooler on steroids. 

Again, this column is a regurgitation of a few prior posts. What can I say? I’m busy.

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