Machines Transcribing Your Voicemail

Terminator Screening CallInbound, unscheduled calls can be incredibly disruptive.

That’s why I often shut off the phone to enter periods of productivity and focus on deliberate tasks and quiet thinking time.

The challenge with turning off my phone has been that I accumulate voice messages that need to be listened to, codified and then acted on.… Read the rest

Magellan’s Terrifying Voyage Around The World

Magellan_Elcano_Circumnavigation-enAs I’ve said many times, maritime nonfiction satisfies my craving for a time when men were really men – not softies like most men today, with their smart phones, tablet computers, paper cuts, cubicles, facial lotions and pedicures. Maritime nonfiction, particularly stories of the great explorers, provide far more compelling lessons on leadership and self-actualization than any contemporary business or psychology books.… Read the rest