Big Media To YouTube: We’re Coming After You!

YouTube now represents big pockets as it moves closer to its marriage with Google, so the copyright-infringement opportunists move in, says WSJ:

In an apparent display of saber-rattling aimed at nudging video Web site YouTube Inc. into cutting favorable licensing deals, a number of major media companies have banded together to explore the legal implications of the video site’s unauthorized use of copyright material, people familiar with the matter say.

The move comes just days after YouTube agreed to be acquired by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion. If the deal goes through, deep-pocketed Google could be held responsible for YouTube’s legal liabilities.

Now that big media are going after YouTube, I wonder if more micro guys (amateurs to semi-professionals) will begin to fully realize that much of their work, fans and attention are worth something, too. Certainly some have, but we rarely hear a relative peep.


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