Best Thing About Omaha Steaks: The Dry Ice


I have a family member who sends me Omaha Steaks via mail-order every year on my birthday. Omaha Steaks products are fine and all that, but what I really look forward to when I see that big foam cooler waiting at my doorstep is…drumroll here…the DRY ICE. I love playing with dry ice. I love to put dry ice in a container with balloons full of air, and watch what happens. I love to drop dry ice into pots of water and pretend I’ve created a witch’s brew or a magic potion. It’s my birthday on Sunday, and if you’d like to give me a present, just send me dry ice. No steaks.

Perhaps there’s a business opportunity here: Mail-order dry ice, packaged and marketed for fun-loving consumers. 

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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