Knight Rider Returns: A Historic Revival

Knight Rider

Yesterday was the best day I had all week. I learned that NBC is bringing back Knight Rider, the television series based on the the super-cool 1982 Trans Am, named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), originally driven by crime-fighter Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff).… Read the rest

My New Mission Statement

Check out the awesome Corporate Mission Statement Generator:


And here’s my new mission statement:


“We are committed to focusing mediocre personal gain from education in personal goals overcoming all obstalces.” Brilliant. The sad fact is that the mission statements that churn out of this little gizmo are indistinguishable from so many real-life ones.… Read the rest

AttentionMax Achieves ‘M20: Top Marketer Blog’ Distinction

This blog, AttentionMax, now is distinguished as an official M20: Top Marketer Blog, a new ranking created by Peter Kim, senior analyst at Forrester Research. Peter noted earlier when he first began experimenting with the ranking methodology:

There’s something different about the voices that come from the client-side of the table.

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Why Passion Matters: #1 In The Series

I recently wrote that:

I’m more convinced everyday that passion is the ultimate competitive advantage in business.

Competency is expected. Only flawless execution is tolerable.

But when you enable passion, you drive focus, cultivate mastery, leverage spontaneity, foster creativity, build intuition and live toward mission.

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