Perception Is Reality, Or Is It?

I’m human, and therefore guilty of getting caught up in all the science and logic of marketing measurement, analytics and testing (and working in the market-information industry certainly supports that). But every so often I stumble across something that reminds me that all we perceive, believe and interpret in the world is far more complicated than our inferior brains realize.… Read the rest

Traditional Media Strategies Are Not Dead In Favor Of Buzz

In this week’s MediaPost column, I summarized exciting work by my Nielsen Company colleagues at BuzzMetrics, BASES and AC Nielsen. (The full study is available here, and an archive of today’s Webcast will be posted by Monday.) Through a CPG brand and market-mix modeling study, they found that high blog interest, or buzz, around new product launches is tightly linked to paid media spending.… Read the rest

Meet Me At Attention Data Meetup San Francisco
I’m in San Francisco today and tomorrow for a few client meetings and public presentations — including Seth Goldstein‘s Attention Data Meetup.

Goal: Share and give feedback to Web services that use Attention (aka implicit, user-generated behavioral metadata…) in interesting ways.

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My First Press-Interview Request Via Facebook

Every week I receive a few press-interview requests through AttentionMax — either because some journalists are regular readers, or because they stumbled upon me during a Google search. Requested topics usually have something to do with my outlook on technology, advertising, marketing and media.… Read the rest

Do Real-Time Analytics Stifle Decisions?

Do real-time analytics stifle marketers’ ability to make decisions? That is the premise of my latest MediaPost column:

First of all, think about the fear of not knowing, or not knowing right now. Does that fear consume one’s ability to focus mental or decision-making resources where they should be?

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