How Parenthood Changed Me As A Marketer

With parenthood comes significant personal and career change — from work-life balance to at-work habits to your outlook on the very subject of your profession. And with my first son’s turn past the six-month mark, that’s what I share this week in my latest MediaPost column:

Most significant, I’ve become far more sensitive to marketer abuse and other peoples’ vulnerabilities.

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Sleep Deprivation May Cause Lapses in Moral Judgment

The New Scientist reports on a study from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, which suggest that a lack of sleep can affect people’s moral judgment.

The findings, along with previous brain-imaging studies, suggest that sleep deprivation has a particularly debilitating effect on decision-making processes that depend heavily on emotion.

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Physical Washing May Help Clean Your Conscience

The New Scientist reports that:

The metaphorical desire to wash away one’s sins is not just wishful thinking but evidence of an innate psychological association between moral and physical cleanliness, according to a new study.

Shakespeare’s notorious murderess – who famously shouts “Out damn spot!”

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Marketers: Become Happy Losers


Please join the debate and comment here on my latest MediaPost OnlineSpin column, where I recommend marketing organizations to adopt a culture of Happy Losers (inspired by G. Clotaire Rapaille):

Marketer’s Confession: I’m A Happy Loser
by Max Kalehoff

Marketing and media models are broken.

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