The New Scientist Rocks! An Admirable Model For Niche Journalism

The New Scientist is one of my favorite publications, delivering a daily stream of interesting and clever stories about technology, science and life. I haven’t called out any stories since the week before Julian’s birth. So today, I went through my accumulation of 169 New Scientist story feeds and am pleased to provide you the top headlines I thought were most interesting over the past three weeks:

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Mainstream Media Quoting Comments In The Blogosphere

Here’s a first for me: a mainstream news organization citing a comment I made in someone else’s blog. Mark Glaser, from PBS’ Mediashift, has a series on Citizen Journalism. He quotes me:

Max Kalehoff, an executive at Nielsen BuzzMetrics, wrote this comment on Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine blog on a post about changing the term citizen journalism to networked journalism:

"Why not just call journalism “journalism” — a word the citizens, amateurs, networks, distributors and professionals can understand?

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Lookout Fox News! The British Are Coming!


Reuters reports that the British Broadcasting Corp. is bringing its BBC World news channel to the U.S. in a bid to capture American audiences hungry for international news. Reuters says:

American cable news and broadcast networks have pulled back in their international news coverage, creating an opportunity for the BBC, said Jeremy Hillman, the new editor of BBC World and the outgoing New York bureau chief.

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