Enough Mommy Bloggers Already, Daddy Bloggers Debut

Sony Digidads

One of the biggest, overnight sensations in mainstream media and marketing circles has been mommy bloggers. They’ve stirred up a hurricane of hype and controversy, but now it’s time for daddies to enjoy the spotlight.

Which is why I’m delighted to announce my participation in Sony Electronics’ DigiDads Project.… Read the rest

Why Are Electronic Devices So Blinking Obnoxious?

Our precious attentions are bombarded not just by email spam and untargeted advertising. Electronic devices are guilty as well.

Venture capitalist Albert Wenger recently described the overkill of bright lights and LEDs. He said: “It seems that every device these days comes with one or more LEDs to announce its presence.

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Cheap Headsets That Let You Control Technology With Your Mind

Emotive Mind-Reading Headset

The New Scientist reports that cheap headsets that let you control technology with the electrical signals generated by your firing neurons will go on sale in coming months.

Researchers have developed systems that read brainwaves – in the form of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals – in order to help people suffering from disabilities or paralysis control wheelchairs, play games Movie Camera, or type on a computer.

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Dumping The TV Cable Box

Samsung Hi-Def 52" Television

I thought I embraced the future of television several years ago when we got our first TiVo. While that event was significant, it’s now clear our DVR was only a technological painkiller to make tolerable the broken state of television: scheduled screenings with heavy commercial interruption.Read the rest

Cloud Computing Needs To Help People Migrate From Old Electronic Devices To New Ones

David Churbuck says that cloud computing (aka “the cloud”) needs to alleviate the “nasty, stupid experience” of migrating from an old PC to a new one. I’m a Mac guy and agree. Electronic devices are near disposable, but the data and apps they carry (and we rely on) are not.… Read the rest