Halloween Season


The latest in the Sony DigiDads project centered around a Fall class field trip. My two kids are one and two years old, so documenting a field trip was out of the question. Instead, I photographed three Halloween events: the Pelham Newcomers Halloween Party, the Clickable Kids Halloween Party and trick-or-treating on Halloween night.… Read the rest

New Camera To Capture Your Entire Life (Available Soon)

lifelogging camera
I love the Flip video camera because it’s so compact and simple. It makes it easy to capture life’s precious moments. I use it all the time. So where do video cameras go from here? Perhaps as pendant, around your neck, to record every single moment of your life.… Read the rest

How We Read

I read a lot, and my reading habits constantly evolve. My life stage and work influences what I read, but so does technology. What I read is increasingly influenced by online existence and visibility of text. For example, I’m more likely to read something if I can find it in a search engine, or receive it as a referral from a person, bot or hyperlink.… Read the rest

Destroy Elmo’s Castle


Since we were rained in today, Julian and I built a castle out of blocks for his Elmo action figure. Julian is mechanical and proud of his creations. Nonetheless, a castle of blocks is meant to be toppled. Below is video of this carnal tendency.


New Camera/Video Gear
Sony CyberShot DSC-TX1

Btw, I shot the above picture and video with the new Sony CyberShot DSC-TX1, on loan from Sony as part of the DigiDads project (disclosures here).… Read the rest