Shocking News: I’m Now The Proud Owner Of A La-Z-Boy Recliner Called The Green Monster

La-Z-Boy Chair

I’ve always shunned La-Z-Boy recliners. They’re ugly, tacky, clunky and cheesy – the iconic accessory for dreary, uninspiring life in the suburbs.

Well, now we live in the suburbs. And after remodeling his living room, our next-door neighbor gave us a big, old leather Green Monster (pictured here). It might make a nice accompaniment to our television and dedicated beer fridge in our finished basement and playroom.

The verdict? La-Z-Boy recliners rock! It’s comfortable – it conforms to me! It’s perfect for kicking back with a few Heinekens while catching up on TiVoed episodes of The Daily Show, South Park and Cops.

As my cousin Smoke underscored, “you’ll never get out of it again! Teach Julian how to bring you beers and food and you only get up for bathroom run!” He’s right.

My La-Z-Boy is my new throne. I am a king now.

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Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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    1. Actually, we started thinking about minivans because we have two kids in
      diapers. We’re not that far off considering we bought a Subaru Forrester in
      2007 — but even it’s tight when we pack both kids and a weekend full of
      clothes, baby supplies and strollers. Everyone told me the Forrester was a
      “chick” car, but it’s really a parent-mobile. To my credit and manhood, I
      still have my 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport, in black, with leopard-skin seats
      and over-sized tires. We use that as the date-night mobile.

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