The Perfect Shave

I stumbled across this excellent video of barber Geno Bicic performing the perfect shave.

His shop is Geno’s Barberia in Greenwich Village, in New York City.

Although under 10 minutes, this video is epic. Take note of…

The dramatic soundtrack.

The sophisticated, commanding narrator.

The perfect blend of technique, instruction and sequence.

The manly hands.

The random guy washing his own hair in the background (at 2:20).

The relaxed satisfaction of the freshly shaved patron.

Check it out.

Geno’s Barberia also has a general preview video, worth watching as well.

I’ve got to plan a trip to Geno’s Barberia.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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  1. I so much wish to book an appointment with Geno after watching this video.  What a luxury!  Too bad the flawless results only last for a day.  But what an incredible and sophisticated process that leaves the man’s face looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I especially would like the facial massage at the end.

    Not likely I will make it to Geno’s shop anytime soon.  So in Costa Rica, I do what I can to approximate the perfect shave.  The 90% year-round humidity levels produces a constant “steam” that keeps the stubble on my face unusually soft (and my shirts perpetually wrinkled).  I shave in an open air shower using my fog-free mirror, a good quality shaving soap, my dad’s old double-edged razor and, most importantly, my  natural badger bristle brush.  That brush will out last me, and it can’t be beat for soaking up hot water and mixing it with the soap to form a luxurious lather that frosts my face perfectly.  Granted, not as glorious as the shave by Geno, but not bad for a daily routine in the jungle.

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