No Turkey, Lamb Please

With all due respect to turkey lovers and Thanksgiving hosts who’ve ever graciously served me that elegant bird, I much prefer leg of lamb. Since I’m in charge of Thanksgiving this year, we’re having leg of lamb.

Why is leg of lamb better?

  1. All variables equal, lamb tastes better than factory-raised turkey.
  2. Lamb is easy to roast to perfection. (It’s hard to roast a turkey so it’s not bone dry.)
  3. You can roast leg of lamb so it’s medium or well done on the edges and rare toward the center, which means you can easily please pickier palates.
  4. Lamb takes less time to roast than a turkey.
  5. Lamb will keep warmer and juicier, longer, if you simply slice servings as you eat them.
  6. Leg of lamb has fewer bones and moving parts to hassle with when prepping, carving, eating and storing leftovers. (Added benefit: fewer bone-choking guests.)
  7. Lamb curry is one of my favorite day-after-Thanksgiving dishes. (Though I’ve never tried it, turkey curry just seems wrong.)
  8. Leg of lamb is economical; I bought today a five-pound cut at Costco for $18.
  9. In my experience, it’s easier to obtain naturally-fed lamb versus naturally-fed, hormone-free turkey.
  10. Considering the benefits above, leg of lamb is the better anchor for all the Thanksgiving accompaniments you worked so hard to prepare.
  11. Leg of lamb also pairs better with your favorite bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (or other hearty red). What else would you want to drink in late November?

Isn’t it obvious? Leg of lamb is better! Just try not to think about how cute they are.

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