Monster Truck Father’s Day

Monster Truck - Grave DiggerLaura and the kids are pretty good about orchestrating Father’s Day surprises filled with Americana.

Last year it was a trip to Medieval Times, but this year was a trip to Monster Jam, a live monster-truck sporting event, at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

I describe Monster Jam as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but with 2,000 horsepower machines that destroy things, instead of human wrestlers. It is loud, action-packed and engages the crowd. My son describes it as “awesome.”

Monster Jam

We toured the pits before the show, to touch the trucks and meet their celebrity drivers. They take on cartoon personas like Grave Digger, Batman, The Avenger and Iron Man.

Among the crowd pleasers was Madusa, a pink truck with the hot-blonde driver “Madusa – The Queen of Carnage.” She attracted a line several-hundred people long for pictures, autographs and a shot of pink hair spray.

The show got off to a slow start with one-on-one races, but it exploded in the second-half during the freestyle competition.

The winner was Max-D, whose team also attempted a record-breaking double-back flip (link for my movie below).  It was quite a spectacle when Max-D inspired the crowd (at 1:00 in the movie) by igniting his flames for the flip.

Thanks to my family for a great Father’s Day celebration.


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