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Interested in how businesses use social media to build relationships with customers? Join us for a special panel discussion today…

I recently expressed disagreement with Forrester Research’s headline that most consumers don’t trust corporate blogs. My gut reaction was the assertion relied too heavily on a single survey question, which prompted more question than certainty, and demanded far more context and caveat. I felt it was the wrong question. Underscoring the experience of my community, many of you commented and dissected the issue further, signaling that trust is something we all work hard to earn, regardless of channel.

To properly credit Forrester analysts, they included tremendous best practices that marketers should pay close attention to in creating blogging value. Secondly, Forrester prompted passionate discussion that will drive us all closer to the core issue – namely, the evolution of relationships between marketers and customers. Proof of that advancement is a live discussion to take place today with a diverse panel that has dedicated significant thought and practice to social media and the evolution of marketer-customer relationships. I hope you’ll join us, virtually:

For Immediate Release, The Hobson & Holtz Report

Friday December 19 at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, and 7 pm GMT

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, communications consultants and podcast pioneers, will lead a discussion with:

Visit the FIR site to listen in to the live event and eventually download the archived podcast.

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