I’m Number One For “Maggot Marketing”

This is strange, but I’ll just assume pride: I checked the search referrals for AttentionMax and discovered that the query “maggot marketing” drove several visits today. Perhaps there was some event that spawned interest in maggot marketing? OK, I did publish a post last year on the dilemma of scientists trying to sell newly discovered benefits of maggot juice.

Now here’s the real accomplishment: AttentionMax today is the number-one Google search result for “maggot marketing”. Interestingly, the paid search listings include several magnet-advertising vendors. They must assume that people mistake maggots for magnets. All I know now is that I’ a prime SEO strategist in the field of maggot-marketing. Yay!


Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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