I Don’t Get Any Respect, None I Tell You!

Rodney Dangerfield

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently told Forbes that “his number one priority is improving customer service.” I’m not sure that’s true. Miraculously, I’ve been a Sprint wireless customer since March 2000. My wife and I upgraded our phones this past Saturday amidst a promise on Sprint’s Web site for overnight product delivery. Sprint wasted no time in charging my credit card and failing to fully disclose rebate information (and I have the credit card notification and customer-service chat transcript to prove it). My wife’s phone arrived 48 hours later, but mine didn’t. After scouring Sprint’s order confirmation email, I found an order status link. I clicked and it took me to a page asking me for my order confirmation number, which I eventually found. After entering all the information, the Web site told me my product is on backorder and I can call an 800 number during business hours to cancel if I so please. Why couldn’t I be informed of back-order status before all the order hassle and waiting? Why couldn’t I be informed about the blunder once it did happen? Why did I have to go search for an answer after being let down on a promise? I’ve been loyal for nine years straight. Don’t I deserve better?

Why is customer-service fullfilment so difficult for big companies? I’d be willing to pay a 10% price/product premium for any company that can respect my time and sanity by delivering on promises and crossing the finish line with superior customer service. Good customer service creates fans, and fans create profitability. Don’t more companies want to be profitable?

Seth Godin’s having similar issues with Verizon today.

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Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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  1. Max! My experience with Sprint is similar, and I ended up switching to Verizon. At least my service works in my home now! I plan to short Sprint stock today.

  2. Hi Clay. I don't know why I stay. I guess it's part of the entrapment of a
    family and evdo plan. But that entrapment makes me dislike them even more —
    any brand for that matter.

  3. I hate Sprint with a passion. I was a customer for 15 years until leaving for Verizon last month. They extend your contract automatically for ANY service change. They made a mistake on my account, initially refused to credit my account AND extended my contract for another year. I flipped out and canceled (they waived the fee) Consumerist has some good tips about getting things done at Sprint: http://preview.tinyurl.com/yuo2lk

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