Defensive Branding: Troubleshooting Your Brand In The Age of Consumer Control

I’m on vacation, so I’ll keep this short and sweet, direct to you from For Immediate Release, the authoritative podcast on public relations in new media:

In this age of transparency, it’s harder than ever for brands to defend themselves. What companies can do is employ defensive branding techniques to defend and protect themselves in times of crisis.

As a prelude to Defensive Branding 101: Troubleshooting Your Brand in the Age of Consumer Control, a free webinar from Nielsen BuzzMetrics on August 10, Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz talked with Pete Blackshaw about defensive branding: what it is, what it means to companies and how to use it. Companies discussed or mentioned in the conversation were Comcast, Toyota, Gerber, General Motors, Dell Computer, and Dole.

Download the 32-minute conversation here (MP3, 14.7Mb), or sign up for the Interviews RSS feed to get it and future interviews automatically.

Enjoy, and be sure to sing up here for our Friday event. I’m on vacation, but will definitely be listening in!

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