Marketers: Become Happy Losers


Please join the debate and comment here on my latest MediaPost OnlineSpin column, where I recommend marketing organizations to adopt a culture of Happy Losers (inspired by G. Clotaire Rapaille):

Marketer’s Confession: I’m A Happy Loser
by Max Kalehoff

Marketing and media models are broken.

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Bob Garfield To Write Book With Help From Blogosphere

I’ve met Bob Garfield a few times, and I thoroughly enjoy his sarcasm and ability to see past the bullshit and articulate what’s really going on. He reminds me of myself in some ways. (If only the old stodgy NPR listeners who listen to his On The Media radio program could enjoy what he’s really like at a social gathering.)… Read the rest

Social Media Firewalls Threat to Corporations

I’ve given three workshops on consumer-generated media (CGM) to CMOs and senior marketing execs of three Fortune 500 companies in the past week, and in each case I learned that the corporate IT department was prohibiting employees from accessing a range of social media, including video sharing sites and blogs.… Read the rest

Marketing Is Being & Nothingness

I spent yesterday at the Corante/Columbia Business School Innovation Marketing Summit, specifically the CMO day. It was a great series of discussions about innovation, management and marketing – and what the heck is going on today.

A few debates properly summed up the day: What is marketing anyway?… Read the rest