When Recruiting Becomes A Negative Ad Campaign

Earlier this week I wrote about bad recruiting practices among headhunters in the interactive advertising industry. The king of regurgitation, which I am, this week’s MediaPost column is adapted from that post:

Our hiring crisis is reflective of a service industry flooded with more opportunities, work and dollars that it can possibly manage, and one that can’t say no when it reaches its capacity.

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You Know The Interactive Advertising Industry Is Desperate For Talent When…

You know the interactive advertising industry is desperate for talent when you receive an unsolicited letter from an in-house recruiter at a major digital agency (names and details kept confidential to avoid humiliation) that addresses someone else you know and says:

Subject: Urgent Requirement: Vice President, Engineering

I found your profile on the web.

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Sleep Deprivation May Cause Lapses in Moral Judgment

The New Scientist reports on a study from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, which suggest that a lack of sleep can affect people’s moral judgment.

The findings, along with previous brain-imaging studies, suggest that sleep deprivation has a particularly debilitating effect on decision-making processes that depend heavily on emotion.

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My Slow, Steady Return After Becoming A Father

I’m still on light blogging status considering my now seven-pound bundle of happiness, but I’m trying to get my mind back into AttentionMax, as well as Engagement By Engagement, the blog about advertising engagement, where I’m the lead contributor.… Read the rest

Physical Washing May Help Clean Your Conscience

The New Scientist reports that:

The metaphorical desire to wash away one’s sins is not just wishful thinking but evidence of an innate psychological association between moral and physical cleanliness, according to a new study.

Shakespeare’s notorious murderess – who famously shouts “Out damn spot!”

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