AttentionMax Achieves ‘M20: Top Marketer Blog’ Distinction

This blog, AttentionMax, now is distinguished as an official M20: Top Marketer Blog, a new ranking created by Peter Kim, senior analyst at Forrester Research. Peter noted earlier when he first began experimenting with the ranking methodology:

There’s something different about the voices that come from the client-side of the table. While many of us might have been there and done that in some fashion, these are marketers who are *doing it* right now. If you’ve ever been on the client side, you know the joy and pain of building a brand that an outsider may never know. For me, it was working for a brand that was once sold in fishnets in grocery store checkout aisles and seeing it rise to become the logo of choice for actors, musicians, and trendsetters worldwide. So I’m starting a list to highlight the most popular blogs written by client-side marketing professionals. These are people who are doing their brands a favor by engaging customers and prospects in conversation.

Check out the latest September ranking; there are some very worthwhile voices. Thanks, Pete, for spearheading this.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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