A Most Excellent List of 2006 Tops

My colleageue Sue MacDonald, author of BlogPulse newswire, sent me PRWeek’s massive list of lists for 2006 in the marketing communications industry, including blunders, jobs, hires, brands, launches, terms, etc. Here are the top-five terms you’d never want to hear again:

  1. Crackberry – We get it – it’s rude to e-mail at the dinner table. But for good or bad, today’s business community is always on. It’s not an addiction – it’s a desire to keep your job.
  2. Tangibilize – PRWeek‘s own editor-in-chief Julia Hood came across this gem in an e-mail. But unlike the aforementioned "truthiness," this made-up word is pointless.
  3. "Stay the course" – The White House decided that it would be best to retire this phrase when talking about Iraq War policy. We couldn’t agree more.
  4. Page scandal – There has always been Washington malfeasance, but this goes beyond the average corruption that we’re used to.
  5. New media – And before you all write us when you next see that term in PRWeek, anyone who has a better suggestion as to what to call all this Interweb stuff, please let us know.

Click here for the full lists of lists.


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