“Do you know what you are having?…Girl or boy?”

That’s the first question I get when I tell people we’re expecting a newborn, or when they see Laura’s bump. It is so predictable.

Laura and me? No, we are not finding out the sex of our unborn child. We didn’t find out the sex of our fist two babies until they were born. We’re holding out for our third. I believe we’re a minority, and there are fewer of us today versus five years ago.

I think learning the sex of your baby at birth is one of the best surprises in the world. A birth is exciting no matter what, but adding “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy” makes it more so climatic. There’s a raw joy and innocence that accompanies the surprise, a feeling you experience less as an adult. There also is a lot of fun in anticipating the what-ifs of either sex — name debates, activities, looks, traits.

Many parents and soon-to-be parents tell me they just couldn’t wait to know. Some say it’s more practical to know so they can decorate the nursery with the right color scheme and wardrobe. Some say they need to let other little siblings get used to the idea. That’s fine. I respect other people’s preferences.

Me? Life is full of surprises — some you like and some you don’t. Learning the sex of your baby at birth is one I like very much.

P.S. Early September looms. We’re on high alert.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.