The Media Business And Its Disruptions

The Media Business And Its Disruptions…That’s the name of the new blog from the very smart Mark Green, SVP of media at ACNielsen, the huge global market research firm (which is affiliated with the company I work for). Mark’s offering some in-depth analysis on the changing media landscape and confronting key issues that most traditional media- and market-modeling types often deny. It’s rare that you see an old-school media research expert like Mark dive head first into issues like social networks and disruptive media technologies – and actually blog about it (or author a blog to begin with). While Mark’s blog is independent of ACNielsen, I believe Mark is the first person within ACNielsen to blog about his industry. I look forward to his ongoing analysis.

Btw, I just collaborated with Mark on a consumer-generated media study, which we’ll talk about in a few months.

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