What Makes The New York City Startup Sector Special?


Fred Wilson, the venture capitalist, is our feature guest at Clickable‘s Interesting Cafe this evening.  In preparation for his talk on what makes the New York startup sector special, Fred sought community feedback through various posts (here, here and here) and on a wiki (here).… Read the rest

On Humanity And Clean Water

We recently hosted Peter Thum at Clickable‘s Interesting Cafe, our monthly culture night and open house. Peter’s the founder of Ethos Water, which has generated over six million dollars to help a half-million people around the world get clean water, as well as hygiene and sanitation education.… Read the rest

Culture As An Investment Strategy

I worked at one of the largest marketing communications agencies at the beginning of my career. After three years, I was recruited to startup life by one of my clients and I never looked back. While the startup pace is more intense and unpredictable (therefore stressful), there are many things about it that appeal to me, especially: team vision, pride in building something big, accountability and speed.… Read the rest

Meet Ethos Water Founder, Humanitarian Peter Thum At “Interesting Cafe”

Ethos Water

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After experiencing water crises while working in South Africa, Peter Thum left his job to found Ethos Water. His mission: Address the world water crisis and help children get clean water. He led Ethos through its acquisition by Starbucks in 2005.… Read the rest

Juliette LaMontagne On Reinventing Education Through Project-Based Learning

Our education system, especially in urban areas, is broken. To gain insight into challenges and solutions for transforming it, Juliette LaMontagne, TED Fellow and professor at Columbia University, led a discussion at our most recent Interesting Café.… Read the rest