Skylook Understands Customer Listening

Jackie Huba writes that “when customers feel they are being listened to by companies, they spread positive (and unsolicited) word of mouth.” And Jackie then cites new research from Communispace, which supports that theory.

Now I’m going to move from theory and into practice: I recently tried and endorsed Skylook, a Skype-certified software plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.… Read the rest

A Cry Out To Yahoo!

The WSJ/DowJones issued a story on Yahoo’s new ad-ranking technology, so the headline said, but it failed to actually describe what it was. Regardless, a few graphs caught my attention:

Mr. Semel said Yahoo is harnessing "social media," or tools for engaging consumers, so that they contribute content to Yahoo sites and spend more time there, which Yahoo hopes will in turn woo advertising dollars.

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