Marketers: It’s Time To Stop Blaming Your Woes On The Consumer!

Here’s my next MediaPost column, where I largely agree, yet still deconstruct, the ANA’s top transformation prediction for 2007: consumer In control. The ANA is a great organization, but it seems this year’s top-ten transformations list walks a fine line between desired outcome and mandate.… Read the rest

Joseph Jaffe Interviews Max Kalehoff “On Across The Sound,” New-Marketing Podcast


I’ve been a loyal listener of Across The Sound, Joseph Jaffe’s new-marketing podcast, since day one. It’s a must-listen for any marketer or media professional who cares to be relevant beyond today. Which is why I’m honored to have been the feature guest on the latest episode, number 62!… Read the rest

Are Marketers Serious About Ceding Control To Consumers?


Are marketers serious about ceding control to consumers? "Letting go" was the key message from A.G. Lafley, P&G’s chief, at the recent ANA conference. I think the message is right, but the hard part comes in the execution and the details.… Read the rest

jetBlue and Me

I hate flying, especially these days, when my toothpaste gets confiscated by TSA. And after horrifying experiences when the plane fills with smoke after takeoff. I’m now on my way to Orlando for the ANA Masters of Marketing conference. Fortunately, I’m flying jetBlue, which makes flying enjoyable and upbeat (versus grueling).… Read the rest