Technology’s Unintended Consequence: The Elusive Worker

Marketers often struggle with the “elusive consumer” — a term used to describe the increasing difficulty of targeting potential customers and capturing their diffusing attention. Now it’s time to meet the “elusive worker.”Read the rest

Avoid Being A Dork By Getting Your Headshot In Shape

I don’t attend many industry conferences, but there were a few this past July where I noticed something peculiar: the headshots of many of the speakers used in event publicity and promotions were years out of date. Compared to their current real-life appearance, many of the speakers’ headshots portrayed them with far fewer gray hairs and wrinkles, and an abundance of retro hairstyles and yesterday’s apparel.… Read the rest

Memorizing Long Conference-Call Passcodes

I often find myself having to join conference calls while on the go — walking, driving or even while standing in lines. Most conference-call services require participants to dial an 800-number, followed by a passcode. That’s reasonable, except when the pass codes are longer than six digits.… Read the rest

Moving Your Office Into The Cloud

My company recently moved to Google Apps, a software-as-a-service office suite. I was skeptical at first. The behavioral change was painful. Precision and features were lacking. But after four months, I’m now a convert and advocate for cloud-based email, documents, presentations and calendar.… Read the rest

Startup Marketing

Charlie O’Donnell asked me to present at the inaugural nextNY Online Marketing School on June 1 in New York City. It’s the first in a five-part course to teach entrepreneurs and budding CMOs the fundamentals of online marketing. I’m to share my perspective on “properly resourcing an integrated marketing effort over the lifetime of a company.”… Read the rest