Minnewaska Lodge in New Paltz.
Minnewaska Lodge, New Paltz

I’ve been on a humble vacation with my family since Thursday — purposefully at home. Laura and I concluded that with two babies in diapers, any vacation that involved flying and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration ultimately would not be restful. (On a recent flight to Florida for my grandfather’s funeral, the TSA made Julian dump his sippy cup while passing through the security checkpoint at La Guardia airport.)

So we’ve been doing mini-road trips and small things around the house, like: The Children’s Museum in Norwalk; trick-or-treating on Halloween; watching movies; reading in front of the fireplace; and hanging pictures and mirrors (two years in our new home, and it seems we’re still unpacking). For a change of scenery, we also took a short road trip to New Paltz, NY for a couple nights at the Minnewaska Lodge. I’ll be back on the grid midweek. I’m recharging.

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